Creation of the Association “Roland Dyens in the skaï”

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The family and guitar friends of Roland Dyens are happy to announce the creation on October 2018, of a non-profit association entitled


This association’s objective is to preserve the musical legacy of guitarist/composer/interpreter Roland Dyens, to collect all relevant documents, and to promote his musical oeuvre.

Preservation: A state-of-the-art digitization and preservation of the manuscripts of Roland Dyens’ compositions and arrangements, in order to avoid any form of deterioration, to assure their availability in good condition to future generations. A digital catalogue of this material will be produced.

Documentary Collection: Research will be undertaken to discover and secure all forms of documents (other manuscripts, letters, photos, videos, publications, press articles, etc.) concerning the artist’s musical career, oeuvre and life.

Development and Promotion: The publication and recording of compositions and arrangements by Roland Dyens, especially those which have not been published, in all media; the sale of products (discs, scores, publications), providing services for conferences, master-classes, etc., project management, and the organization of all kinds of events, including the creation of the “Prix Roland Dyens” – all in furtherance of the Association’s objectives.

Board of Directors:

  • Laura Dyens-Taar,  Roland Dyens’ sister (President)
  • Jacques Misrahi (Vice-President), Roland’s agent for France
  • Françoise Pech (Treasurer), musician and choirmaster
  • Valérie Folco (Secretary), student of Roland Dyens and guitarist for the octet Octopus
  • Orestis Kalampalikis (Deputy Secretary), student of Roland Dyens at the Conservatoire Nationale Supérieure de Musique, Paris
  • Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther (Administrator), Assistant to Roland Dyens at the Conservatoire Nationale Supérieure de Musique, Paris
  • Jérémy Jouve (Administrator), student of Roland Dyens at the Conservatoire Nationale Supérieure de Musique, Paris
  • Larry Snitzler, (Administrator and adviser ), guitarist, former consultant to Radio France. He was a friend of Roland Dyens and the two of them loved to exchange puns,(jeux de mots), in English, French and Spanish !

Permanent Members: His mother, Nina, and his children: Emmanuel, Yael, Sydney and Daphné, represented until attaining the age of majority by her mother, Henriette.

Contact : 

The Roland DyensWebsite

To inaugurate this new association, we are organizing a concert in France which will take place on 19 October 2018, an especially symbolic date as it is Roland Dyens’ birthday.

Elena Papandreou 1




We are pleased that guitarist ELENA PAPANDREOU will be coming from Thessalonica, Greece to offer a program of compositions and arrangements which Roland dedicated to her, such as Triaela, Lettre Encore, The Postman, etc.

For the first part of the program, we have invited Dmytro Holovenko and Martyna Ciesielska, recent graduates of the Krakow Academy of Music in Poland, and Cassie Martin who was the revelation of the Concours International Roland Dyens, organized by Guitare Classique magazine in 2017.

There will also be surprises, and I can’t resist sharing one of them with you: the performance of an unpublished arrangement by Roland with Elena Papandreou, Orestis Kalampalikis, Valérie Folco and Valérie Duchateau, Dmytro Holovenko, Martyna Ciesielka, and Cassie Martin under the direction of Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther. 

After the recital, the stage will be open to anyone wishing to play something in memory of Roland Dyens.

Roland Dyens-decale



FRIDAY 19 OCTOBER 2018 AT 20:00, (8:00PM)

Théâtre Thénardier

19 rue Girard – 93100 Montreuil – FRANCE

Métro Croix de Chavaux (ligne 9, exit Place du Marché)

The number of seats is limited, so we ask that you make your reservations as soon as possible at the Association’s new email address:

Contribution: 10 €

You can also donate to the Association to help us achieve our goals. Payment should be made to the order of the Association Roland Dyens in the Skaï.  You will thus be a part of the Amis de l’Association Roland Dyens in the Skaï.

Thanks to the Larghetto de Vincennes magazine for helping to support our new Association.


English Translation by Larry Snitzler/Michael Seiler

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